AudioCast: Juliet Samuel investigates western capitalism’s crisis with economists and thinkers
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Our second major podcast is now available. Presented by Juliet Samuel of The Daily Telegraph and produced by Sean Glynn, it looks at the current discontents swirling around the western model of capitalism. The cast of contributors include our own regular columnists, Victoria Bateman and Liam Halligan and the author of the essay that launched our series on the economic system’s unpopularity, Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives. Other interviewees include Paul Mason and Ann Pettifor – from what might be called the capitalist-sceptic end of the spectrum; and, balancing them, economic historian Niall Ferguson and Simon Wolfson, the CEO of UK high street retailer, Next.

Here are the big observations that I took from the podcast:

These few bullet points are only a brief summary of the 40 minute recording – do listen when you can for all of the colour, detail and context that Juliet, Sean and their guests provide. And please do subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or through whatever system you use. We go weekly from next month.


Cartoon by Ben Jennings for UnHerd

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