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The real biases of the news

  1. 1The biggest bias of news isn't to the left or right but to the new over the important, the controversial over the consensual and the political over the cultural and technological
  2. 2There's also the bias to the negative over the positive - because the unofficial motto of the news industry is 'if it bleeds, it leads'
  3. 3The negativity of journalism helps explain why most voters in countries like Britain and America incorrectly think global poverty and disease are up
Donald Trump isn’t the only person who consumes too much news
Illustration by Ben Jennings   

Lionel Shriver admits that she’s a news-aholic and that her addiction isn’t good for her. But what about the rest of us? In an article for the London Evening Standard I set out the case for more context for news reporting. This video, first shown on 10 July 2017, attempts to do the same.