Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Images

Steve Hilton’s politics are famously hard to pin down. He was a close advisor to David Cameron and a key architect of the Conservative ‘modernisation’ project who came out in support of Leave during the Brexit referendum campaign. He’s also reported to be a former supporter of the Green Party who’s gone on to say positive things about the rise of Donald Trump… and Jeremy Corbyn.

In this interview for UnHerd, Hilton explains how these threads come together in his philosophy of ‘positive populism’. This is the belief that the benefits of modern capitalism have to made available to everyone not just the fortunate elite. Though sceptical of the ability of the current crop of populists to find workable solutions to the problems they identify, Hilton predicts that their failure won’t result in a return to establishment values, but new forms of populism. It’s not for nothing that his new show for Fox News is called The Next Revolution.