April 30, 2024 - 5:40pm

→ Tucker Carlson interviews ‘Putin’s brain’ Aleksandr Dugin

For the 99th episode of his show, Tucker Carlson sat down with a political philosopher described as Vladimir Putin’s “brain”. Aleksandr Dugin is a highly controversial thinker, which is probably what drew the former Fox News host to him in the first place. As part of the wide-ranging interview, filmed in Moscow, Dugin doubled down on his attacks on liberalism while also labelling Putin as “someone with a nuclear weapon who stands strong defending traditional values”. That’s one way of putting it.

Dugin has been one of Russia’s most prominent supporters of the invasion of Ukraine, which he has described as a holy war against “Ukrainian Nazism”. Carlson attempted to prod him on the global effects of Western liberalism, leading the philosopher to criticise Hollywood movies for their lack of optimism about a “traditional life”. With Carlson’s 100th episode approaching, perhaps he’s due another chat with Volodya.

→ Matt Hancock compares assisted dying to gay marriage

After legalising same-sex marriage a little over a decade ago, Britain’s Government might be on the verge of another civil rights breakthrough: encouraging infirm pensioners to kill themselves. Following a Commons debate yesterday, MP and kangaroo-anus enthusiast Matt Hancock compared the need for assisted dying to the “legal choice over who to love” and “who we can marry”.

During the debate, Hancock stated that “the best palliative care in the world cannot prevent hugely painful deaths”, and stressed that “all of us should have the choice when we know for certain we’re facing such pain at the end that we can instead have a dignified and good death”. The ex-health secretary has long been an advocate for euthanasia, citing his love of freedom as a key reason behind the stance.

While Britons are increasingly adopting the same position, concerns have been raised that legalising the practice might lead to a situation similar to that in Canada, where voters have called for assisted dying for those who are homeless or living in poverty. Good to see that Hancock’s moral compass is operating as smoothly as ever.

→ Immigration is Conservative voters’ top issue

If Rishi Sunak is looking for a small boats election, then that’s what he’s going to get. Maybe. According to a new Ipsos poll, immigration has overtaken the economy as the most important issue facing Britain today for Conservative voters, highlighted by 40% up from 32% the previous month. The economy ranked joint-second at 30%, along with the NHS and healthcare, while poverty and inequality featured at the bottom (5%).


By contrast, immigration isn’t much of a concern for Labour voters: it ranks eighth on the priority list. Will the imminent Rwanda flights — expected in 10-12 weeks — change that dynamic?