For the 99th episode of his show, Tucker Carlson sat down with a political philosopher described as Vladimir Putin’s “brain”. Aleksandr Dugin is a highly controversial thinker, which is probably what drew the former Fox News host to him in the first place. As part of the wide-ranging interview, filmed in Moscow, Dugin doubled down on his attacks on liberalism while also labelling Putin as “someone with a nuclear weapon who stands strong defending traditional values”. That’s one way of putting it.

Dugin has been one of Russia’s most prominent supporters of the invasion of Ukraine, which he has described as a holy war against “Ukrainian Nazism”. Carlson attempted to prod him on the global effects of Western liberalism, leading the philosopher to criticise Hollywood movies for their lack of optimism about a “traditional life”. With Carlson’s 100th episode approaching, perhaps he’s due another chat with Volodya.