Weekly podcast: Should policy-makers emphasize moving jobs to areas of unemployment or the out-of-work to high growth areas?

March 3, 2018




Trump and tariffs.

And a long discussion between Ayesha and our guest this week – our own Henry Olsen – about whether jobs and opportunity should be delivered to those communities that lack both – or should the onus be largely placed on members of economically-weak communities to ‘get on their bikes’ and to relocate to where there are jobs and opportunities?

And still want more?

Religious and social commentator and our weekly columnist Giles Fraser hosted a special extra podcast for UnHerd this week. He, Henry Olsen (again!), and special guest Pastor Clement Okusi of the Eternity Church in Croydon (London) sat down with Katie Harrison to discuss her audio documentary which investigated why white evangelical Americans voted for Donald Trump in such overwhelming numbers. The link to the podcast can be found below or click here for all pieces in our continuing “Believers in Trump” series.


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