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Can Biden Bring Peace to the Middle East?

June 4, 2024


In this week’s episode, Tom and Helen return to the desperate situation in Gaza following Joe Biden’s peace proposal on Friday. Where has this peace proposal come from? Why is it being made now? And what does it mean?


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Fafa Fafa
Fafa Fafa
12 days ago

Sorry I have no time to listen to a 58 minute long chat that would have been maybe a 10 minute long read in transcription.

But since no one has commented on it, I feel emboldened to comment – on the title. “Can Biden Bring Peace…” I’m sorry but how can anyone think that Biden can actually “do” anything? How can anyone pretend that the dazed looks, the lost shufflings, etc do not happen and just go on, theorizing about what Biden can or can not do as if he were a normal president? I imagine listening to the podcast and wondering, do these people ever watch what’s out there?

Samuel Ross
Samuel Ross
8 days ago
Reply to  Fafa Fafa

I probably could scan this in 2 minutes flat. Depending on fluff to content ratio (high fluff, low content), I can zip through a 100 page transcript in 2 minutes, ignoring the fluff and zooming in on the actual content.