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by UnHerd
Tuesday, 31
March 2020

WATCH: the view from Sweden on their coronavirus response

Analysts Johan Anderberg and Paulina Neuding discuss Sweden's laissez-faire approach
by UnHerd

In today’s episode of Lockdown TV, Freddie Sayers speaks to two Swedish journalists, Johan Anderberg from Sydsvenskan and Paulina Neuding from Quillette, about the country’s laissez-faire response to the coronavirus pandemic. Have a listen (apologies for the crackly line, we had some connection issues)…

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Go Away Please
Go Away Please
3 years ago

That was interesting but it seems to have cut off mid-sentence after about 13 minutes.
Freddie Sayers was a bit gentler with these two excellent interviewees, more so than he was with Peter Hitchens, even though the young writer Johan Anderburg was making some of the same arguments. Never mind.
I hope Sweden is able to stick to its approach. It seems to be based on a very rational and measured take on a wider view of the disease and it’s impact on their society. They clearly have a society with somewhat different priorities to ours in the UK. I may have missed how their health system differs from ours. Perhaps it came at the end which I missed out on.