by Emma Webb
Friday, 30
October 2020

The glaring hypocrisy of France’s enemies

Leaders of Turkey, Pakistan and elsewhere are just stirring up hatred
by Emma Webb
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sits by French President Emmanuel Macron in Istanbul, 2018

With the help of a gutless (but confused) Anglo press and clever rhetorical sleight of hand, Muslim leaders like Turkey’s President Erdogan and Pakistan’s Imran Khan took no time in turning France into the villain.

Almost immediately after the killings, #NeverTheProphet was trending alongside #Islamophobia. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, made up of 57-member states formalised the boycott of French goods that was already spreading across the Islamic world.

The former Malaysian PM tweeted that “Muslims have the right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past”.

In the UK, Roshan Salih, editor of the website 5Pillarstweeted: “The Muslim world is rising up in outrage at the actions of the barbaric, racist, Islamophobic French state. Alhamdulilah”. The same publication’s deputy editor tweeted: “Western states, namely France in this case, should consider themselves very fortunate that in the absence of a Muslim ruler who yields enough global collective clout and backbone hasn’t declared war on them”.

A little before the attack on the church, the Turkish Minister for Culture and Tourism tweeted at Charlie Hebdo “Vous êtes des bâtards.. Vous êtes des fils des chiennes..”  (‘you are bastards, you are sons of bitches’). The Turkish Ministry of Defence accused the country of Islamophobia, while Khan spoke of Macron ‘provoking’ Muslims.

Yet these leaders are wrapping up their aggression in a language of hurt feelings. France is the intolerant one, and they are the victims.

‘Islamophobia’, as is so often the case, is being used as a byword for blasphemy, as — on principle — Macron refused to disavow the cartoons or drawings “even if others recoil”.

In reality, these Muslim leaders are trying to bully and blackmail France into relinquishing the sacred values of the Republic — laïcité, freedom of thought, conscience, freedom to think and decide for yourself. Values without which France would cease to be France.

Macron stands defiant, but if he were to respond in a similarly infantile way, he might ask ‘I know you are but what am I?’

Turkey locks up political opponents and journalists and has sought to prosecute Europeans (including its own citizens) for insulting the president. Erdogan has said that Jerusalem is a Turkish city, but claims it is Macron who needs a “mental check”. He recently turned one of the the most symbolic former churches in Christendom — the Hagia Sofia — into a mosque.

Pakistan executes people for blasphemy, like the Christian sentenced to death last month for making derogatory remarks about Muhammed in a text message. On issues like censorship, Khan is keen to extend beyond his borders under the guise of ‘islamophobia’.

The hypocrisy is glaring. If anything, the insistence by these cynical leaders that France must give up the sacred values of the Republic or else is intolerant and, even we might say, Francophobic.

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  • The UK has a large influential and volatile Muslim community which is outpacing the indigenous population. The Press and Authorities are running scared. They do not want a Charlie Hebdo. Hence the lack of support. Things will only get worst until immigration is controlled and illegals deported.

  • And when Leo McKinstry published an article clearly blaming the excesses of mass immigration for the current impasse, comments were abruptly closed and all comments already submitted shoved down the memory hole. The Wokestapo are strong in Telegraph administration, thanks to the Barclay Bros. If Connie Black had stayed in charge, things would have been better. Perhaps that’s why the Deep State got rid of him – just as it campaigns against Trump and stitched up Francois Fillon.

  • Is there a political spectrum in Western Europe? The West has an ideology which it’s happy to inflict on every other culture in the world, and if they don’t like it we try to bomb them into accepting it.
    Liberalism is the primary ideology of all the main political parties in the UK: compulsory mass immigration, compulsory LGBT propaganda, compulsory anti-white “anti-racism”.
    The “Conservative” Party is driven by money and only money – its backers in construction and the alcohol industry aren’t conservative in any sense. HS2 would not be promoted by conservatives. It never questions the fundamental framework of the “society” we have or asks how we got here – it’s merely GDP, perpetual economic growth and making things easier for international capital. It’s insane.
    When I see armed police on the streets and in shopping malls (and Macron has ordered more armed police to protect schools after the recent murders) I don’t see this as a show of strength – it is weakness. They never, ever, address the fundamental causes of the endless attacks – that would mean actually doing something effective to resolve this insupportable situation, where fear is never far away from the minds of Europeans.
    It’s a lot more serious than getting likes on Twitter.

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