by Poppy Coburn
Friday, 3
September 2021

The ACLU turns against free speech

The once-vital group is being captured from within by hyper-partisan activists
by Poppy Coburn
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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a series of tweets yesterday on their stance on a proposed new wave of pandemic legislation. The organisation announced that it supported vaccine mandates – which most people might think of as an infringement of civil liberties, even if a necessary one —  on the grounds that “far from compromising them, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties”.

What makes this statement so remarkable? Well, the founding statement of the ACLU set out its intentions as being “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution”. The entire modus operandi of the ACLU has been to provide legal challenges to any state infringement on these fundamental rights, even if the people in question are morally odious.

A New York Times piece released in June examined the identity crisis within the ACLU, and framed it as a generational issue: essentially, that the battle between the older staff who hold traditional liberal views on issues like free speech and open debate are clashing with increasingly partisan, activist young lawyers who place their commitment to social justice above everything else.  

This is not wrong — attitudes certainly have shifted on issues like censorship between millennials and their parent’s generation — but it does not capture the full extent of the problem. Why, exactly, did all these young employees at the ACLU suddenly decide to turn against the very principles that the organisation was founded upon? 

A clue may be found in the ACLU’s financial statements. Donald Trump’s 2016 election was a monetary gift for liberal institutions, and the ACLU enjoyed a hefty Trump windfall. The union raised over $1million in donations within a day of the Republican nominee’s electoral victory, and top lawyers enjoyed significant pay-rises. The donation money was also put towards a hiring drive, massively expanding the scope of its operations with young ‘activist-lawyers’, who were less interested in abstract ideals of liberal justice and fairness and more interested in fighting the supposed rise of fascism in the US. One internal meeting ended in a heated argument, with young staffers demanding that the ACLU “no longer defend White Supremacists”. 

While the ACLU has historically strived to paint itself as being a politically-neutral organisation, the post-Trump years have shown an undeniable shift away from non-partisanship. Perhaps the most egregious example of the ACLU’s defence towards the Democratic Party was their decision to spend $800,000 on campaign ads promoting Georgia Governor-hopeful Stacey Abrams, ostensibly for her work on supporting voting transparency. The group also broke with tradition in actively rallying against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, as well as attempting to oust prosecutors who stood in the way of criminal justice reforms. 

While previous ACLU icons like Ira Glasser, a Jewish man who defended the first amendment rights of actual fascists, shunned the media spotlight, the new batch of lawyers presented themselves as partisan celebrities. Chase Strangio, Deputy Director of the ACLU’s ‘Transgender Justice’ project, was named as a Time magazine top 100 most influential person, and regularly jumps on his social media account to release statements that would have once been unthinkable from a free-speech lawyer. He proudly declared that gender critical author Abigail Shrier should have her books censored, and that “Stopping the circulation of [Shrier’s] book and these ideas is a 100% a hill I want to die on”.

The ‘civil liberties’ component of the ACLU is starting to seem like distant history.

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  • We actually have some: the American Center for Law and Justice, the Center for Individual Rights, and specific to religious freedom, (which as I noted is the area where the ACLU has not merely failed to live up to its original calling, but actually reversed sides) the Becket Foundation.

  • They are Neo-Marxists!
    Neo Marxists are directly from the ‘Frankfurt School’ of Wiemar Germany, using Marx as a base, but adding in ‘Critical Theory, Freudian Psychoanalyst, Existentialism of the Nihilist kind, and gave us ‘Post Modernism, that most evil philosophy..

    “There are many different branches of Neo-Marxism often not in agreement with each other and their theories. Following World War I, some Neo-Marxists dissented and later formed the Frankfurt School.” (wiki)What they did was take Marx and his power theory of man as being all economic, the oppressors, and the oppressed were about Land Labor and Capital – Money., explaining all society. They then changed the thing from Money Power to Class and Race Power.

    Neo-Marxism is that oppressors and oppressed are Identity Politics in action. That there is no society – merely ‘Identity groups…’ Gays, Blacks, Whites, women, Poor, educated, trans, middle class, underclass, people with criminal records, Christian, Muslim…..and believe the entire world is about power from one group of identities (say White Male Protestant, employed, educated) and how they interact with another group (they oppress them is the answer), say, Black, Women, low income, – or what ever group, of Single Identity, are in relation to Oppressed and Oppressor. Neo-Marxism is about identity politics and $ is just one aspect of it.

    They do not believe an ‘Individual’ even exists! A Person is a collection of Identities, and all identities seek to oppress the other identities, but some are very good at it (oppressors), and some really bad at it (Oppressed).

    And their answer to this? EQUITY! Take from one group and give it to the other till are are equitable (equal) no matter how deserving or meritocratic they are.

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