by UnHerd
Wednesday, 20
January 2021

Tears everywhere at the departure of Trump

The occasion proved all too much for the nation's best and brightest
by UnHerd

Presidential inaugurations are always an emotional affair, but today’s certainly were a grade above. This time remarkable numbers of America’s best and brightest struggled to keep the tears at bay… Did we miss any?

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  • Utter despair at Unheard putting this mind numbing drivel up.
    Is the editorial team solely American now.
    It’s clearly lost the balance of across the board articles.
    If that was Chinese or say Russian ‘elections’ guess what the bias would be.
    Don’t bother, just watch the BBC.
    Fortunately I don’t watch MSM (so I could be wrong) that leaves me to catch the ‘news’ elsewhere.
    Sorry this board has levelled down with the rest of the MSM particularly because the comments are the key to very interesting and diverse points of view. All lost now a sad sad day.

  • The problem with “the best and brightest” is that they think they really are [best and brightest].

    According to psychology’s definition of sociopaths, narcissists and egomaniacs, they never look in the mirror of introspection. Their bitter repudiation of such remonstrances as they have been offered during the past 12 years – the Tea Party in the USA, Leave victory in our British referendum, Donald Trump’s election as president in 2016, various populist party gains across Europe during 2017/18 – and their complete refusal to deduce anything from those criticisms, proves this point in spades.

    What, on their part, have they achieved these past 25 years? –

    * Pointless endless winless wars in the Middle East – very gratifying to the Military-Industrial Complex, ruinous for everybody else.
    * A recession post 2007, caused by the trashing of the world economy which is basically slaughtered. It has an unliquidatable debt of $600 trillions (not a typo) and, via its broken big banks and helplessly indebted worthless government bonds, is just waiting to fall over.
    * Mass immigration from the Third World and other poor countries into the relatively peaceful, successful, productive First World, meaning social alienation in the latter (both among natives and immigrants) in the short term and the transformation of the latter into Third World countries in the longer term.
    * Ferocious bullying, as with ‘woke’ cancel culture and political correctness run mad; rule by fear; less and less freedom of speech and assembly for any views not Left-orthodox. This ought to worry everyone. If speech becomes forbidden, all that is left to dissentients is violence. For decades, assassination was the only method of political discourse available in the Arab world.
    Above all (in every mortal sense of the term) the creation of a society in two camps: a smug self-endorsing ‘meritocracy’ without merit, elites without competence (cf Public Health England), which comprises those who have political authority, most of the media shilling for them, academe telling everybody what to think, big money (not small businesses): all collectively operating as one endeavour ruling in their own interests; and the rest of society, a serfdom of rule-takers.

    Not a healthy series of accomplishments, is it?

  • However much they fawn and spin, they can’t get round the fact that these fraudsters were installed behind barbed wire and with 26,000 troops between them and their own people. They ordained it thus, for black propaganda reasons, not security.

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