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Thursday, 15
October 2020

Piers Morgan: I don’t want to be hated anymore

by UnHerd

Podcast version:

Piers Morgan has made a career out of robust, forceful and — at times — abrasive interviews. Since the start of the pandemic, he has found himself an unlikely hero of the ‘pro-lockdowners’ (even being labelled by one columnist as ‘the hero Gotham didn’t know it wanted, but possibly needed’) for this confrontational style, the full force of which was felt by government ministers earlier this year.

He has, however, been criticised for the hostile nature of his interviews. No minister has appeared on his show for over 100 days, which has led many to question its efficacy of a style that cannot even attract guests. The Good Morning Britain host makes no apology for this, arguing that government officials deserve to be scrutinised — if they can’t deal with a heated interview, how can they be expected to cope in a global pandemic? Morgan expresses deep misgivings over No10’s handling of the Covid outbreak and even goes so far to suggest that, having voted for the Boris Johnson in the last election, he would now vote for Keir Starmer. 

But he also admits that he has gone too far in the past. Morgan “totally embraces” his own culpability in inflaming passions on either side of the debate, describing himself as a “work in progress”.

We certainly saw a different, softer side to Piers in this interview. Whether his desire to be a “force for good in the world” will result in a wholesale change in his interviews remains to be seen, but it would be fair to say that stranger things have sprouted out of this pandemic. Enjoy.

Buy Piers’s latest book ‘Wake Up’ here.

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    He is not relevant enough to waste any hate on His audience is thick people and who cares what they think Read more

  • October 22, 2020
    When talking about the pros and cons of the current suppression policies versus e.g. the focused protection proposal of the GBD, people like Piers fail to think hard about the current situation of the most at risk people in the population, dominantly the elderly. My parents are in their 80's and I... Read more

  • October 22, 2020
    Who cares about Channel 4? Read more

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