by UnHerd
Thursday, 2
April 2020

Peter Hitchens on Coronavirus

The columnist discusses his Covid scepticism with Freddie Sayers
by UnHerd

Peter Hitchens talks to Freddie Sayers about the government’s liberty-eroding Covid measures on Day 10 of Lockdown TV. Watch above…

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  • Excellent as usual, Peter. Two things though, you should talk about the Constitutional protections we have against the removal of our freedom, I noticed you did that bit talking to Brendan o Neil. Also you should talk about the nation of atheists and the fact that barely anybody believes in God anymore, and therefore great numbers of people are terrified of death.

  • Peter wants to have hard evidence. I’d like that too. But I have come to realise that it doesn’t actually matter. It makes no difference because people won’t listen. Very few people are interested in facts. Most people are driven by fear and emotion. And the drivers of fear and emotion are narratives ….. stories that seem plausible. Someone once said facts that tell something unbelievable won’t be believed. But a plausible story is a wholly different matter.
    I was happy enough with the herd immunity approach. It made sense from the knowledge we have of viruses in general.
    I even went along with a short lockdown after it became apparent that the NHS had done sod all about preparing for a pandemic.
    I thought that Johnson had little choice politically after most of the world locked down. He’d have been slaughtered as soon as a young person with no-known underlying conditions died. And lets face it the MSM has gone to town over every death under 40. You’d think that never, ever happened.
    Eventually people will realise that the cost of a lockdown will outweigh all the other costs: economic, freedoms and so on. We might, however, lose a lot on the way to that.
    I’m definitely not clapping. The NHS needs total reform and all of this clapping will just mean no politician will even try.

  • Always talks sense to me and so often misunderstood and shouted down. Just wish people would actually listen and read his writings on many subjects before just saying cliche responses to him

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