by UnHerd Staff
Saturday, 29
October 2022

John Gray: Welcome to the era of tragic realism

The philosopher discusses war and diplomacy with UnHerd's Freddie Sayers
by UnHerd Staff

UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers meets John Gray in part two to discuss the dual crises of war in Ukraine and US tensions with China.

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Joe Donovan
Joe Donovan
1 month ago

Let us all remind ourselves that Freddie is a phenomenal interviewer.

Fafa Fafa
Fafa Fafa
11 days ago

I read Gray’s book Feline Philosophy and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a short book and it probably took less amount of time for me to finish it that it would take listening to this hour long discussion, only part of which is what he has to say.
In short: please provide transcripts, Unheard people.

John Fini
John Fini
1 month ago

The problem is the Gray and the so called West still look at the rest of the world as part of their empire and see themselves as entitled and the best.
The reality is that the West or Europe and then Europe plus its bustard child the US are the cause of all the problems in the world.
The problem is its cultural and moral basis is based on the self and hence a selfish and purely materialistic approach to everything from the Greeks to the Roman Empire the crusades through the colonisation of 5 continents and two world wars it has caused endless death and destruction .
And it has to be finally defeated ideologically to understand that the world is one humanity and we live in societies and the greater good is more important than individual short term gain.