by UnHerd
Thursday, 29
April 2021

How partisanship shapes attitudes to immigration

The embrace or rejection of migrants is, unsurprisingly, driven by politics
by UnHerd

Left-wingers are much more likely to be pro-immigration than Right-wingers, right?

There are exceptions, of course, but as a general pattern it holds up pretty well across the Western world.  

While very few people take an absolute position — i.e. favouring either completely open borders or completely closed ones — it’s pretty much the case that Left equals loose on immigration controls and Right equals tight.

Why would that be? 

Predictably, the Left accuses the Right of racism, while the Right accuses the Left of recklessness. However, at least some of the Left-Right split on this issue isn’t actually about immigration specifically; rather, it’s about the Left-Right split in general. 

The Cato Institute is a libertarian think tank in the US. As part of its latest Immigration and Identity National Survey, Americans were asked how they felt towards two categories of immigrant — those who register to vote as Democrats and those who register to vote as Republicans. 

As can be seen in the chart above, Americans — whether liberal (i.e. Left-leaning) or conservative (i.e. Right-leaning) are much more positive about immigrants who happen to share their political views.

Though liberals are more positive than conservatives are about immigration in general, the position is reversed when it comes to Republican-voting migrants. 

This probably tells us a lot more about the polarisation of American politics than it does about resolving the dilemmas of immigration policy. 

As for the wider culture war currently ripping the country apart, there’s a hint here that the rainbow coalition that unites wealthy white liberals with less advantaged groups rather depends on the latter not doing anything to displease the former. 

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  • If Immigration puts up GDP- Politicians will do it.
    However if politicians were measured correctly- on GDP per capita _ they would be much more careful about it .

  • Why do you think multi-culturalism is a good thing? Surely everyone subscribing to one culture must be the thing to strive for? Because otherwise you have a nation at odds with itself. Why do you want that?

    This is not to say you can’t have multi-ethnic. But you definitely cant have multi-culture, no matter how pink and fluffy you think you are.

  • Mass, colonising immigration attacks the existence of the natives of the land. That is how it always goes. So, it is for the natives, including the natives of England, to decide on the question of their own existence. If they desire to hold their land unto themselves, and to pass it on to their own children and not the children of another, that is their right in Nature. No government dictate can morally hold otherwise.

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