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Thursday, 3
December 2020

Hong Kong dissident: 100,000 could move to Britain next year

Freddie Sayers spoke to activist Nathan Law about his exile in London
by UnHerd

Arguably the most famous Hong Kong dissident alive today, Nathan Law has become one of the most recognisable faces of the pro-democracy movement in his homeland. Having been at the forefront of protests against the controversial Hong Kong national security law over the summer, the democracy activist was subsequently forced to flee Hong Kong over fears for his safety. The departure proved timely: just this week three of his fellow activists (including Joshua Wong) were arrested and sentenced to 10-13 months in prison.

Nathan now lives in the UK, which took the unprecedented step earlier this year of offering residency to any holder of a British National overseas passport in Hong Kong. Up to three million Hongkongers are eligible for this residency, and according to Nathan, as many as 100,000 people could arrive in the first year. That is a substantial figure, and one that will present Boris Johnson’s government with a potentially difficult question on how to accommodate for such an influx.

Nathan speaks fondly of his adopted home, and is hopeful that his presence here is not a sign of failure but a signal for change. He told Freddie Sayers that the West must be more aware of the threat from China and hold them accountable for human rights violations in Xinjiang and foreign interference in states like his own. He also spoke about his blue collar upbringing and his experience in moving from China to join his family in Hong Kong at a young age, which gave him a valuable insight into events today.

We hope you enjoy the interview and thank you to Nathan for giving us the time.

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  • At least they will be legal immigrants and, if they are anything like the Asians that arrived from Uganda in 70’s, they will be prepared to work for a living, help create wealth, and will have respect for the UK , it’s people and its culture as opposed to those that come here illegally with less honourable intentions.

  • I’m sure the HK Chinese coming will be entrepreneurial, smart and industrious, so I look forward to their arrival. But be warned guys, democracy seems to be slipping away from us under the cover of COVID!

  • Ah, the end of the Major years and beginning of the Blair years. Blair sent his creature Mandleson to scour the world for migrants to ‘Rub the Right’s nose in it’, what a time that was, UK undergoing the great Paradigm Shift and being Socially Re-engineered. I am afraid the Hong Kong were too successful a people to bring in then. The government were after people who would make docile voters by becoming handout clients.

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