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by Julie Bindel
Tuesday, 25
January 2022

Amnesty’s stance on prostitution is hurting women

Decriminalising the purchase of sex will only help the industry grow

‘Research reveals how sex workers are forced to risk their life in order to avoid police,’ reads a new report by Amnesty International, Ireland. The report, entitled ‘”We live within a violent system”: Structural violence against sex workers In Ireland’, is based on interviews with a small sample of 30 individuals currently or previously involved in the Irish sex trade. Their aim is to discredit and repeal a 2017 law in Ireland that criminalises the buying of sex, which Amnesty argues makes the punters more violent, even though there is no credible evidence for this.

Yet this hasn’t stopped Amnesty pursuing their foolhardy crusade. Along with a number of other male-led human rights organisations, it seems hellbent on blaming everyone — the police, legal system and even the state — for violence towards sex workers, except for the perpetrators, namely pimps and punters. Instead, Amnesty calls for the decriminalisation of “all operational aspects” of the sex trade, including the sale, facilitation and buying of sex. Under this regime, a pimp becomes a manager, a sex buyer a client, and a prostituted person a ‘sex worker’. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Sunday, 19
December 2021

The Scout Association apologises to Maya Forstater over ‘misgendering’

Another victory for gender critical feminists

Trans activists are in retreat. With a number of high-profile victories won by feminists refusing to be silenced by the deafening chants of ‘trans women are women’, momentum against the trans lobby is picking up speed.

The latest example is an apology from the Scout Association apologises to Maya Forstater for two years of investigation following a complaint of “misgendering”.

Forstater, who was an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in St Albans raised safeguarding concerns in 2019 about their transgender policy, arguing that it would mean an end to autonomous spaces, including sleeping facilities, for girls. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Tuesday, 23
November 2021

The sinister stunt against JK Rowling

The narcissistic arrogance of certain trans activists is staggering

In a move that has proved to be as popular as a holiday in Peterborough, three trans activists rocked up to JK Rowling’s family home last week, strategically posing for a photograph that included her address for all to see.

Claiming to be protesting the writer’s ‘transphobia’, the three posted the photograph on Twitter, clearly hoping for a pile-on.

The trio chose Trans Day of Remembrance to pull their pathetic stunt, but in reality, not one trans person has been murdered in the UK this past three years. In contrast, 120 women have died at the hands of men this year. The narcissistic arrogance of the activists is staggering, bearing in mind that Rowling’s trouble began with her having the nerve to defend women’s sex-based rights and single sex provisions such as domestic violence refuges. It is extraordinary that the activists and their propaganda machines, such as Pink News and LGBTQ Nation, can turn it around to make the three activists look like the victims and Rowling the perpetrator. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Wednesday, 10
November 2021
Seen Elsewhere

The BBC finally dumps Stonewall

The charity's capture of national institutions is finally being challenged

When the BBC announced today that, “After careful consideration, we believe it is time to step back from the Diversity Champions Programme and will also no longer participate in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index,” sighs of relief could be heard around the corporation. Many lesbians, feminists and gay men had become sick and tired of the dominance of transgender ideology, and increased pressure to use pronouns on email sign offs and capitulate to various demands of the handful of transgender staff whilst being expected to side-line their own needs had become intolerable.

When Ruth Hunt was applying for the role of CEO of Stonewall in 2014, she requested a meeting with me. I was a little surprised and perplexed: I have never been a fan of Stonewall, and had written a book, published that same year in which I criticised the organisation for focusing on wealthy, white gay men bleating about ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’. I considered Stonewall to be a gay men’s rights movement, in which lesbians barely featured. I could never have imagined at that time how much worse it was to become. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Saturday, 16
October 2021

The misogyny of trans activists

In Portsmouth they behaved like they wanted a war, not dialogue

To the annual FiLiA conference in Portsmouth. A 1,000-strong gathering of women of all ages and viewpoints, united by a desire and commitment to ending male violence, oppression and domination of women and girls.

Everyone there is interested in dipping their toes in the water of the women’s liberation movement. A big focus is the campaign to end rape, domestic abuse, commercial sexual exploitation, and femicide, the killing of women and girls by men because they are women and girls.

As I approach the Guildhall where the conference is taking place I hear the now only-too familiar chants by trans activists: “Trans women are women!”, “No TERFS on Pompey”. One sign reads: “Imagine calling yourself a feminist while trying to dismantle the rights of a marginalised group of women and girls.” ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Wednesday, 8
September 2021

No Judith Butler, gender-critical feminists aren’t ‘fascists’

The academic can't frame everything as a Right-wing transphobic attack

In 1999, The Guardian ran a piece on an annual prize for bad writing, which celebrates “the most stylistically lamentable passages found in scholarly books and articles”. The only condition for entry was that no parody was allowed. The winner was Judith Butler, for this:

The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and re-articulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities…
- Judith Butler

This week, The Guardian ran an interview with Butler who boldly stated that: “…we should not be surprised or opposed when the category of women expands to include trans women.” Here, Butler’s argument is much more clear: the category of women must be expanded to include men.

While I don’t contest that Butler is a bad writer, it appears to me that her linguistic obfuscation serves a purpose. Butler follows the post-modernist school of feminist thought, hoping to “disrupt” the categories of gender, thereby rendering it meaningless. Of course, such a proposition is ridiculous. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Wednesday, 11
August 2021

The University of Essex abandons its faculty to ideologues

The institution has rowed back on its apology to two gender critical academics

The University of Essex is fast becoming an example of what happens when institutions capitulate to extreme transgender ideology.

In May the university apologised to two female academics for preventing them from taking part in seminars following baseless accusations of transphobia. The university admitted that they had made “serious mistakes” to Professors Freedman and Phoenix, who are not employed by Essex, and in a damning report, barrister Akua Reindorf criticised the university’s actions. The Vice Chancellor assured both academics that recommendations in the report would be actioned.

But it appears that either he has caved to pressure from staff and students, or that such assurances were part of a PR strategy designed to encourage the professors not to take matters further. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Tuesday, 3
August 2021

‘Preferred pronouns’ are a form of sexist bullying

I've been asked if I'm a boy or a girl more times than I remember

When Alana Smith, who competed in the women’s street skateboarding event for Team USA at the Olympics last week, was referred to as ‘she’ by NBC and BBC commentators a number of people took to Twitter to complain that Smith had been ‘misgendered’. Smith identifies as non-binary and goes by the ‘they/them’ pronouns, and had painted them on the side of her skateboard. But Smith was a competitor in the women’s event. Perhaps the IOC should have given training to commentators, as has the BBC to its broadcast staff, on pronoun use?

The ever-increasing pressure to add pronouns (he/him; she/her; they/them; zir/zer) is as offensive as it is unnecessary. ...  Continue reading