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by Julie Bindel
Wednesday, 7
September 2022

‘Woman’ erased from Minister for Equalities job title

Is there a point to this department anymore?

Non-men (formerly known as women) have suffered yet another blow, with the Minister for Women and Equalities being renamed in the recent cabinet reshuffle to Minister for Equalities.

‘Wonder if the erasing of Women from the job title is intentional or just an oversight ……’ tweeted Caroline Nokes NP in response. It is somewhat ironic that Nokes, of all people, tweeted this. Lest we forget that it was she who offered a ridiculous response during an interview on the Today Programme last December when she was asked, in a discussion about self-ID, about whether it was important to know a person’s birth sex. Nokes, who at the time chaired the Women and Equalities Select Committee, replied: “Why on earth would we want to?” ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Thursday, 11
August 2022

Who will put an end to gender ID witch-hunts?

Universities are doing nothing to stop them

I have lost count of how many times I have been de-platformed from universities since I was declared to be “transphobic” by the National Union of Students (NUS) in 2008. The playbook is always the same: I am invited either by students or academic staff, and then publicly cancelled.

But now, the grown-ups have been exposed as more irresponsible and immature than the students. The University and College Union (UCU), headed by trans activist Jo Grady, gave us a taster of a pending investigation on UCU’s activities last week in a TikTok (what else?) of her berating Times journalist James Beal. According to Grady, Beal had been asking questions of UCU members over their support for “trans rights”. Posting the video on Twitter, Grady stated firmly that “UCU stands unequivocally with trans people.” ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Thursday, 28
July 2022

Good riddance to the Tavistock Clinic

The gender identity service failed hundreds of vulnerable children

The announcement that the gender identity service at Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust (GIDS) has been ordered to close by next spring is a massive relief. Following a review that found that it failed vulnerable under-18s (as evidenced in the Cass Report, an update to which was published today), its imminent closure is yet another example of how children have been sacrificed at the altar of transgender ideology.

Growing up in the 1970s on a council estate, I, like most females, struggled with my feelings about girlhood. Conformity was everything, and I hated dresses, tights and wearing my unruly hair in bunches. On occasion I would lock myself in the bathroom and try my brother’s Brutus Jeans and t-shirt on, imagining what it would be like to be able to dress as I wanted. I had no interest in boys and a crush on my best friend. Had I been born 40 years later with liberal, middle-class parents, I would have been offered a trip to the gender clinic and I would have run all the way there. I was desperate to be a boy — not because I was trapped in the wrong body, but because I was trapped in a patriarchal society that punishes girls for not adhering to sex stereotypes, otherwise known as “gender”. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Monday, 25
July 2022

Stonewall thinks two-year-olds can be trans

Once again the charity embraces an extreme ideology

Last week, Stonewall, the former lesbian and gay rights charity turned trans activist, jumped the shark. In a tweet remarking on a newspaper report about a parent concerned that their four-year-old was not being “validated” in her “trans identity”, Stonewall claimed that:

Research suggests that children as young as 2 recognise their trans identity. Yet, many nurseries and schools teach a binary understanding of pre-assigned gender. LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming education is crucial for the wellbeing of all young people!”

Just: wow. The idea that there is such a thing as a trans child is appalling propaganda, but nevertheless, even if we were to believe in the anti-scientific notion that one can be “born in the wrong body”, and that a four-year-old girl could actually be a trans boy is bonkers beyond belief. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Sunday, 26
June 2022

Nottingham City Council listens to activists, not women

They banned me from speaking at a public library

When I was asked by a local activist to come to Nottingham and give a talk on male violence towards women and how to end it, I jumped at the chance. The talk would be at the Aspley Library, a much-needed resource in a predominantly working-class area of the city.

The library is under threat of closure, which, the organisers tell me, is the reason she decided to host a series of events in the building. It would bring people to the library and encourage those in the area to use it more.

I knew that there would be some kind of protest from trans activists, mainly because there usually is when feminists dare to speak about men’s violence towards women in public. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Thursday, 23
June 2022

It’s time to say goodbye to the LGBTQ+ flag

It has become as ridiculous as it is meaningless

It is apparently Pride Month, which has in recent years been stretched from one day in June to 30. This is presumably to allow time to recite the name of every single identity it represents. The flag supposedly representing the group formerly known as ‘lesbian and gay’ has been gradually updated to ‘better represent’ everyone on the planet. The flag, dozens of which can currently be seen hanging in central London, is the ugliest yet. The latest addition, as displayed during the Queen’s Jubilee, is a circle inside the yellow, which means intersex. It looks like it was designed by a group of drunken art students who broke into a Dulux factory and dropped some acid. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Tuesday, 21
June 2022

BBC admits error on trans guest Fallon Fox

Justin Webb said the MMA fighter had not been properly vetted

When FINA announced that natal males would not be able to compete alongside women in swimming, it was rewritten by much of the press as well as trans activists as ‘trans women banned from competing’. But no one was ‘banned’, the rules have simply been clarified.

The rules are now clear; a person of the male sex that has gone through any stage of puberty is not allowed to compete against females, which puts a stop to the unfairness that Olympic medallist Sharron Davies has spoken out about. FINA has also established an ‘open’ category, as Davies has advocated for, where transwomen can compete. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Wednesday, 25
May 2022

QC compares lesbians refusing sex with transwomen to apartheid

Undoubtedly, one of the worst takes in the transgender debate

Yesterday, while watching the Allison Bailey case online, I heard one of the worst takes on the ‘transgender rights’ to date. Bailey, a criminal defence barrister, is suing her former chambers, Garden Court (GCC), alongside Stonewall, after claiming she was unlawfully discriminated against. Her crime? She believes that sex is biological and cannot change.

Bailey, a black lesbian, argues that GCC wrongly treated her views as transphobic. She is also claiming that her chambers, as a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme, came under pressure from Stonewall to get rid of her.

One of two tweets by Bailey deemed to be ‘unacceptable’ by Stonewall and GCC was in response to the announcement of a series of workshops run by Morgan Page, a transwoman who was subsequently employed by Stonewall. The series was called ‘Overcoming the cotton ceiling’, the premise of which being that transwomen are discriminated against when lesbians refuse to have sex with male-bodied transwomen. This, apparently, amounts to discrimination and unfair treatment. ...  Continue reading

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