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by Julie Bindel
Thursday, 5
May 2022

Feminists now face a new battle over abortion

There will be an endless war of attrition against well-funded groups

I awoke this week aghast to discover that the Supreme Court in America has voted to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

The 1973 decision ruled that the constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to have an abortion without unreasonable government restrictions. It expunged many US federal and state abortion laws, replacing them with a woman’s right to choose.

Ever since that decision, American conservatives have fought to remove the rights of women to choose if and when we give birth. Removing these rights will affect all women, but most of all, those who are black, poor, and the victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse. They will be forced to carry their pregnancies to term in a country that has no paid maternity leave and, in addition, has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the developed world. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Thursday, 21
April 2022

Trans activists come for the LGB Alliance

It was only a matter of time...

The LGB Alliance (LGBA) has always been a target for trans activists. While Stonewall chose to prioritise trans ideology ahead of same-sex attracted individuals in 2016, the LGBA has always advocated for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people alone. The alliance campaigns for our rights and — importantly — against the notion that gender non-conforming youths should be marched down to Tavistock and diagnosed as transgender.

Eventually, activists found a way to get to the LGBA. The story is this: LGBA applied for funding to the Arts Council England’s, ‘Let’s Create Jubilee Fund’ for a film about gay men’s lives through the period of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Queens would have been an important record of the history of the fight for liberation from bigotry, prejudice and legal discrimination, and a celebration of gay culture. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Tuesday, 5
April 2022

Dot Cotton: the last great working-class dame

June Brown gave representation to a neglected strand of British femininity

The actor June Brown has died, and with her ends an era. Her most famous character, Dot Cotton, whom she played in EastEnders between 1985 and 1993 and then from 1997 onwards, exemplified everything that is superb about British working-class women of a certain generation.

Chain-smoking Dot, long-suffering mother of Nasty Nick, wore her headscarf with pride, and was far less of a parody than the likes of Corrie’s Hilda Ogdon. Rather, Dot was a real-life character that those of us raised by such women recognised. She wore too much make up, clutched her cardigan at her breast, and took liberties left, right, and centre. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Thursday, 17
March 2022

Why York University de-platformed me

Supposedly, I am a safety threat

In January this year I was asked to speak at an event organised by York Free Speech, part of York University. I love engaging with open-minded students and I was delighted to accept the offer. The topic was feminism, specifically a critique of what I call ‘feminism for men’, which is currently the only topic that gets an airing at most universities.

I sat and waited. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before certain trans lobby groups tried to get me de-platformed. Almost every time I am invited to speak at universities, there is a massive fight between those that want to hear a genuinely feminist perspective, and those who think that my mere presence will cause the death of transgender and ‘sex working’ people on campus. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Friday, 11
February 2022

Goodbye Cressida Dick — and good riddance

She was the first woman to lead the Met, but her mistakes were catastrophic

Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has just been forced to resign by Sadiq Khan. I first became aware of her when my partner, Harriet Wistrich was representing the family of Jean Charles de Menezes. He was an innocent man, but police shot him dead in London in a case of mistaken identity. Dick was the officer in charge of the operation, but did not face any consequences for her role in the tragedy.

During the case, I got to know some of de Menezes’ family members, including Maria Otoni de Menezes, Jean Charles’ mother, who I interviewed after the 2008 inquest. I still recall her distress at the fact that Dick had not just kept her job following her son’s death but had been promoted through the ranks. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Thursday, 10
February 2022

Ceramicist de-platformed for being a ‘SWERF’

Claudia Clare was disinvited from the Craft Potters Association due to her views on sex work

Getting cancelled by the Craft Potters Association (CPA) is quite a feat. You would think that to earn such an honour it would be necessary to re-enact a Greek wedding at one of its exhibitions. But ceramicist and author Claudia Clare has been told she’s been stood down, despite being booked some time ago to deliver a lecture at the Ceramic Art London event.

The letter Clare received from the CPA reads:

In the time since the talk was originally scheduled in 2020 we have been made aware that its inclusion in the programme may cause the event to be disrupted, leading to possible delay or even closure.

I know what you are thinking — that Clare had planned to talk about something to do with the gender wars, and the organisers, as per usual, have caved into threats from trans activists. However, it would appear that Clare has been cancelled for being a SWERF as opposed to a TERF. A SWERF is, according to the cool kids, is a ‘sex worker exclusionary radical feminist’. In real terms, it actually means any feminist that considers prostitution to be abusive and harmful to women. But the blue fringe mob twists this critique of commercial sexual exploitation to mean ‘whorephobia’, as though we despise and exclude prostituted women rather than pimps and punters. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Tuesday, 25
January 2022

Amnesty’s stance on prostitution is hurting women

Decriminalising the purchase of sex will only help the industry grow

‘Research reveals how sex workers are forced to risk their life in order to avoid police,’ reads a new report by Amnesty International, Ireland. The report, entitled ‘”We live within a violent system”: Structural violence against sex workers In Ireland’, is based on interviews with a small sample of 30 individuals currently or previously involved in the Irish sex trade. Their aim is to discredit and repeal a 2017 law in Ireland that criminalises the buying of sex, which Amnesty argues makes the punters more violent, even though there is no credible evidence for this.

Yet this hasn’t stopped Amnesty pursuing their foolhardy crusade. Along with a number of other male-led human rights organisations, it seems hellbent on blaming everyone — the police, legal system and even the state — for violence towards sex workers, except for the perpetrators, namely pimps and punters. Instead, Amnesty calls for the decriminalisation of “all operational aspects” of the sex trade, including the sale, facilitation and buying of sex. Under this regime, a pimp becomes a manager, a sex buyer a client, and a prostituted person a ‘sex worker’. ...  Continue reading

by Julie Bindel
Sunday, 19
December 2021

The Scout Association apologises to Maya Forstater over ‘misgendering’

Another victory for gender critical feminists

Trans activists are in retreat. With a number of high-profile victories won by feminists refusing to be silenced by the deafening chants of ‘trans women are women’, momentum against the trans lobby is picking up speed.

The latest example is an apology from the Scout Association apologises to Maya Forstater for two years of investigation following a complaint of “misgendering”.

Forstater, who was an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in St Albans raised safeguarding concerns in 2019 about their transgender policy, arguing that it would mean an end to autonomous spaces, including sleeping facilities, for girls. ...  Continue reading

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