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We’ve got Pascal all wrong

BY Graham Tomlin / 4 mins

Dylan Thomas: populist

BY Freya Sanders / 4 mins

Labour needs a moral revival

BY Giles Fraser / 5 mins

Ruskin’s modern message

BY Melanie McDonagh / 6 mins

Iris Murdoch: philosopher, novelist, life coach

BY Hannah Altorf / 4 mins

How Mary Midgley rescued me

BY Giles Fraser / 4 mins

CLR James rejected the posturing of identity politics

BY Ralph Leonard / 5 mins

Today’s laptop activists seek attention, not truth

BY Tanya Gold / 4 mins

Camus’ rejection of tyranny is worth remembering today

BY James Bloodworth / 5 mins

Could Mill’s model mend capitalism?

BY Victoria Bateman / 5 mins

What can Occam’s razor tell us about God?

BY Tom Chivers / 4 mins

Aristotle’s answer to identity politics

BY Henry Olsen / 3 mins

How post-modernism killed America’s morality

BY Giles Fraser / 4 mins