Political Awakenings

How family, feelings and unlikely accidents can shape a lifetime of politics…

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How I learned the Tories weren’t evil

BY Polly Mackenzie / 4 mins

There’s no such thing as Left versus Right

BY Peter Franklin / 4 mins

Don’t let Brexit become the next Troubles

BY Jenny McCartney / 8 mins

How Noël Coward made me a Marxist

BY Paul Mason / 5 mins

The making of a reactionary

BY Peter Hitchens / 5 mins

Cuba killed my communism

BY James Bloodworth / 4 mins

As a headstrong activist, I was a dangerous thing

BY Paul Embery / 5 mins

The Yorkshire Ripper fired up my feminism

BY Julie Bindel / 4 mins

How my daughter disrupted my politics

BY Ian Birrell / 5 mins

The fall of the Wall powered up my politics

BY Ruth Davidson / 4 mins