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Why is UKIP embracing the YouTube Right?

Host Ayesha Hazarika is joined by comedian Matt Forde, and journalist Gavin Haynes, to discuss their under-reported stories of the week. Matt highlighted the voluntary ban on betting ads during sporting events, while Gavin talked about the ongoing disintegration of UKIP. The panel also discussed their heroes and villains of the week.

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Why populism is a lonely business

If populism was about economic insecurity, wouldn’t young people be casting protest votes en masse? Instead, when it comes to Right-wing populist parties at least, the older you are the more likely you are to support them. In this UnPacked Short, Peter Franklin and Charlotte Pickles explore the reasons why this might be, and wonder […]

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Audiocast: How dead-end jobs killed small-town pride

Barely a day passes without a politician or pundit worrying over the future of work. It’s a conversation that tends to focus on the future – the rise of the robots and the growth of the gig economy – rather than the current plight of workers in low-quality, low-paid and precarious jobs. And the discussion […]