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Woke capital had a field day on International Women’s day

Shell changed their name to ‘She’ll’ for the day

March 9, 2020 - 12:04pm

Yesterday being International Woman’s Day, it was a good chance for big business to showcase its progressive credentials with displays of Woke Capital.

Anyone who reads corporate investor magazines will know that the world of finance has really embraced the Great Awokening with the enthusiasm of the convert, and so every opportunity to mark the new religious calendar is grasped with both hands.

I thought the Woke Capital phenomenon had reached its parody point after a Surrey Gay Pride event was sponsored by arms manufacturers, but the thing about zealots is they have almost zero self-awareness.

So among yesterday’s great offerings:


Shell changed their name to ‘She’ll’ for the day.

Yes Shell, that Shell.

As Mashable reports, the aim is to inspire “female leaders of tomorrow by closing the gender gap in engineering and technology through education, engagement, and awareness across the organization and industry, ‘She Will,’ which seeks to diversify the company’s workforce.”

How inspiring!


Take a bow to the Global Cement and Concrete Institution, who are marking the big event with the message “equality is not a women’s issue, it is a business issue.

Gender equality is essential for economies and communities to succeed. At GCCA, we strive to create a gender equal workplace and celebrate the inspirational work that the women in the concrete industry do.”

As our regular Gareth Roberts put it, “It wouldn’t be International Women’s Day without the global cement and concrete association.”


Thirdly, according to a PR statement, Dr Beckman:

“Legendary laundry brand Dr Beckman has, for the first time in its 70-year-history, changed its name to celebrate International Women’s Day.

“Dr Beckmann, beloved by domestic gods and goddesses everywhere, has rebranded to Dr Beckwoman to commemorate the day on March 8 – with a limited-edition purple run of its best-selling product, Glowhite.”

Thanks for that, Doctor!


And of course, it’s good to see Nike in there as well giving such a positive message after all that unfortunate business with China:

I think there’s something odd about corporations making such public displays of morality, as if they’re the new churches. There’s a good explainer here in this Vox piece by Tara Isabella Burton, who is a woman, and obviously I read a lot of women, because I’m better than you.

Luckily, however, large corporations aren’t going to use this sort of pinkwashing to distract attention from their ruthless business practices and the huge and still growing gap between the highest and lowest paid workers, which has increased in tandem with corporations becoming more progressive.

If you spot any others, add them into the comments…

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James Billot
James Billot
4 years ago

Honourable mention goes to Hershey’s ‘Her’ and ‘She’ chocolate bars https://musebycl.io/adverti

Ian nclfuzzy
Ian nclfuzzy
4 years ago

This whole #eachforequal nonsense. My linkedin feed is infested with idiots doing weird things with their arms in order to show their solidarity with (usually) highly paid women knowledge workers.