January 7, 2021 - 11:23am

Few members of America’s political class have covered themselves in glory over the past 24 hours, but some have fared better than others. Yesterday evening, Sen. Tom Cotton, a Trump loyalist from Arkansas and potential 2024 presidential candidate produced this statement:

“Last summer, as insurrection gripped the streets, I called to send in the troops if necessary to restore order. Today, insurrectionists occupied our Capitol. Fortunately, the Capitol Police and other law-enforcement agencies restored order without the need for federal troops. But the principle remains the same: no quarter for insurrectionists. Those who attacked the Capitol today should face the full extent of federal law.

It’s past time for the president to accept the results of the election, quit misleading the American people, and repudiate mob violence. And the senators and representatives who fanned the flames by encouraging the president and leading their supporters to believe that their objections could reverse the election results should withdraw those objections. In any event, the Congress will complete its constitutional responsibilities tonight.”

- Tom Cotton Statement on violence at Capitol

This is the same Tom Cotton who was widely decried by the America’s liberal elite as a fascist for suggesting that Trump send in the federal troops to break up the Black Lives Matter protests. His infamous op-ed in The New York Times resulted in editor James Bennet’s dismissal, a staff revolt and a frenzy of online denunciations

Will the ‘paper of record’ now commission a ‘Send the Troops in’ editorial from the same author?

is UnHerd’s Newsroom editor.