April 5, 2024 - 6:00pm

→ The Rock abandons Joe Biden

Joe Biden has finally lost the political kingmaker of the professional wrestling world.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who endorsed Biden in 2020, has told Fox News that he’s unhappy with the state of the country and will not be endorsing the President again this year.

Celebrities across the board have been cooling on Biden: top-billing endorsements from the likes of Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have yet to materialise despite their 2020 support for the President, while Ice Cube and Kanye West have thrown their support behind Donald Trump. Nearly four years in, the 81-year-old incumbent may finally be losing his cool factor. Will The Rock join the Trump Train?

→ Meet the ‘homo-nativists’

Who says politics is neat? Liberal attitudes on social issues and hardline stances on borders can coexist in one person, a point backed up by a new report which introduces a striking new coinage: homo-nativists. The LSE British Politics and Policy unit argues that an emerging portion of the electorate — 31%, to be exact — has progressive views on homosexuality and is sceptical of immigration.

These positions shouldn’t be incompatible: there have been plenty of notable gay Right-wingers in European politics in recent years, such as the former vice president of France’s Rassemblement National, Florian Philippot. What is more revealing is how widely accepted homosexuality has become, including on the Right. Where over half of Britons considered being gay to always be wrong as recently as 1992, the figure is now below 10%. Amid this liberalisation, British attitudes against immigration have largely increased in the last five years.

At 31%, these homo-nativists form a larger constituency than Britons who are in favour of both homosexuality and more immigration, and those who are sceptical of both. Should we watch out for another breakaway party?

→ Is Ben Shapiro sniping at Tucker Carlson?

Ben Shapiro has said that certain conspiracy-minded commentators around the age of 50 are “full of shit”, in comments widely suspected to be referring to Tucker Carlson.

“I don’t think you’re ‘just asking questions’. I think that your level of curiosity is actually quite low,” he said. “I think that the vast majority of people who are in the ‘just asking questions’ business have an answer that they want to suggest, but they know there’s no evidence for it. So, instead, they hide behind ‘just asking questions’.”

It’s the latest in conservative media’s internal war over Israel, following Candace Owens’s very public exit from the Daily Wire last month and online flame wars over Judaism, Christianity and the war in Gaza. Carlson has previously said he despises Shapiro, who he accused of wanting to send his children to war. Facts don’t care about your conspiracy theories…