February 14, 2024 - 6:36pm

→ Poll: quarter of French people wants military rule

En marche! A new poll has found that almost a quarter (23%) of French people wants to be ruled by the army, with an astonishing 73% saying that they have confidence in the army. The good news for French democrats is that, based on a similar poll taken nearly two years ago, the 23% figure marks a four percentage point drop from the start of Emmanuel Macron’s second term. Time for a sixth republic?

→ Princeton president defends DEI

As the tide of anti-DEI sentiment rises across America, there are still a redoubtable few who defend the practice. Yesterday, the Atlantic published a piece by Princeton president Christopher Eisgruber, who claims that elite universities have not sacrificed excellence for diversity. This “reactionary”, “noxious” and “surprisingly commonplace myth,” he argues, is the opposite of true. In fact, the growth of DEI has made America’s universities “better than ever” with the benefits shown on a “daily basis”. Given that Princeton ranks 187 out of 284 in free speech rankings, perhaps Eisgruber should reflect on what exactly these benefits are.

→ Immigrants snap up American jobs

A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies has found that there are 2.7 million more working people in the US as of Q4 2023. But there’s a catch: all of that growth has been captured by immigrants, not US-born Americans. In fact, as of last quarter there are now 2.9 million more immigrants (legal and illegal) that have entered the workforce, but 183,000 fewer American-born workers. Nearly five years on from the pandemic and the number of US-born workers still have not made it back to pre-Covid levels…