March 22, 2024 - 5:30pm

→ Are American expats radicalising Portugal?

Complaints about immigration have sparked a surprising Right-wing moment in Portugal’s latest elections. The immigrants in question? Remote workers and passport bros, mostly Americans, who have flocked to the European country by the thousands to enjoy half-priced rent.

Portugal’s centre-right party is set to lead a minority government, with the socialists coming in second place. But the country’s Right-wing Chega party performed unusually well and could have considerable sway in the new government, thanks in large part to complaints about immigration and economic woes. Time will tell if Right-wingers will give expats the boot.

→ Church of England praises anti-whiteness

For those wishing the Church of England were a little more devout, it will come as no consolation that its senior clergy are increasingly signed up to the gospel of Black Lives Matter. Archdeacon of Liverpool Miranda Threlfall-Holmes was ratioed on social media last night after she posted about her realisation that what the Church needs is more anti-whiteness.

Having attended a conference on the subject in the autumn, Threlfall-Holmes (who is white) claims she realised that “whiteness is to race as patriarchy is to gender.” For anyone confused, the cleric explained that “let’s have anti-whiteness, & let’s smash the patriarchy.” Sounds good. But what’s this? “That’s not anti-white,” she added. “That’s anti-oppression.” Bemused commenters on Threlfall-Holmes’s post were told to “seek out the training.” When is anti-whiteness not anti-white? Well, Audre Lorde does move in mysterious ways

→ Jordan Peterson clashes with YouTuber over vaccines

If you thought vaccine debates were behind us, think again. There’s a new clip doing the rounds of Jordan Peterson getting testy with YouTube personality Destiny over the safety and efficacy of Covid jabs.

Peterson, in a characteristically attention-grabbing jacket, said the vaccine wasn’t technically even a vaccine, and that, while mandates have always existed, the scale and speed of Covid vaccine mandates were entirely unprecedented. Whatever the truth, it’s unlikely we’ll be getting it from either Destiny or Peterson.