March 11, 2024 - 6:00pm

→ Katespiracy plot thickens

Is the Princess of Wales a dab hand at photoshop? Was the now-infamous photo taken last year? Which gang sign is Louis laying down? These are all questions that had conspiracy theorists on the edge of their seats today after press agencies pulled the Mothering Sunday picture of Kate and her three children from circulation last night. A key development today came when the Waleses’ account tweeted a response to the saga, insisting that the Princess likes to “experiment with editing” photos and apologised for any confusion caused.

Pushing the dial further, one TikToker sleuth suggested that the photo had actually been taken in November, pinning it down to the exact day based on the clothes Kate and her children were wearing. Today’s heated discussion has only added to the mystery as to where Kate could be

→ Peter Turchin: USA is closer to breakdown than Russia

One of the world’s foremost prognosticators (the one who predicted all the chaos of 2020) has made another rather ballsy claim: it’s the US, not Russia, that is closer to breakdown. In an interview with the FT, economic historian Peter Turchin argued that war with Ukraine (“external pressures”) had actually “unified” Russia, leaving the US in a more perilous position. In addition, because the ratio of workers to vacancies in Russia has improved since the war, the chances of a macro-violent outbreak (civil war, revolution, political fragmentation etc) have been reduced.

Turchin goes on to say that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s failed uprising was “a good stress test — everybody was against him.” Therefore, “without doubt, the United States is in a much more perilous state right now.” Fingers crossed that the US has a “good” stress test on 5 November…

→ EU receives disastrous climate forecast

It’s one piece of bad news after the next for the EU. The bloc might like to think of itself as a green paradise, but a damning new report has warned that the continent is the fastest-warming continent in the world. Was all that Net Zero pain worth it? Just ask Europe’s farmers, who have been protesting for months over the bloc’s punitive green measures.

While they have scored some victories, the farmers aren’t giving up. New protests are targeting ports in Belgium and the Netherlands to draw attention to the nitrogen agreement. “The nitrogen decree continues to exist even though the Council of State has issued negative advice twice,” claim the protesters. With no sign of letting up, these protests could result in a heavy backlash at the polls this year