June 9, 2022 - 3:01pm

Ilya Shapiro was due to start his new job as senior lecturer and executive director of Georgetown’s Law Centre for the Constitution this week. But on Monday, he quit. All because of a single Tweet.

In February, Shapiro was offered the job at Georgetown. At the same time, Joe Biden announced his commitment to nominate a black woman as the next Supreme Court Justice. As a specialist in the workings of the Supreme Court, Shapiro was troubled by this decision. He took to Twitter to voice his concerns:

The backlash was swift. Shapiro deleted the Tweet and apologised, but what followed was a four month investigation by the university, which he describes as ‘purgatory’. Over that time, he says, the ‘diversicrats’ at Georgetown made him feel that the role was untenable.

Freddie Sayers invited Ilya Shapiro to the studio to understand how censorship under the guise of ‘diversity and inclusion’ at Georgetown played a part in his resignation.