March 24, 2024 - 1:00pm

Open-mindedness is generally considered a good thing. But if you’re too open-minded, it’s easy to forget exactly what you were standing for in the first place. That’s what’s happening at some of the US’s biggest LGBTQ rights organisations, such as Glaad.

Glaad has been influential in American politics for decades, ever since its founding in 1985 to initially advocate for victims of the AIDS epidemic. But since then it has evolved to focus on new issues, such as transgender rights and social justice activism.

Recently, it’s been discovered that the latest iteration of Glaad’s language guide labels “homosexual” an “outdated” and “offensive” term that should be avoided. It recommends using “gay” or “lesbian” instead, but even those are now potentially problematic. Glaad thus suggests the alternative “same-gender-loving”, which the organisation describes as an “Afrocentric alternative” to “what are considered Eurocentric, or white, identities like gay and lesbian”.

At first glance, this is just another example of social-justice ideologues engaging in mental gymnastics to try to stay ahead of the curve (and perpetuate a justification for their organisation’s existence given that many of its initial goals, such as destigmatisation of AIDS victims and gay marriage, are long since achieved).

After all, while “homosexual” was sometimes used in a derogatory manner, it doesn’t really have a negative connotation anymore. And the same could be said, exponentially more so, for the term “queer”, which was originally used almost exclusively as an insult, yet Glaad nonetheless lists “queer” as a favourable, enlightened term for us to now use. This is inconsistent, to say the least.

As a gay man, I’d much rather be called “homosexual” — an accurate term simply meaning attracted to the same sex — than “queer”, a nebulous term that most people don’t know the definition of. Meanwhile, “same-gender-loving” is not just a ridiculous alternative but an inaccurate one too. Gay people are not attracted to people of the same “gender” — at least not in the way that folks like Glaad define gender, which they use as synonymous with gender identity, or one’s internal feelings.

Our immutable attraction is rooted in biological sex, not flexible and fanciful notions of self-identifiable “gender”, and suggesting otherwise not only erases gay people’s actual experience but undercuts the very arguments that were used to earn their widespread acceptance and tolerance. (It’s not a choice! Or is it subject to change and shifts in identity after all?)

We should therefore treat this saga at Glaad seriously. That’s because it’s part of the progressive Left’s broader attempt to erase biological sex as a meaningful concept in the human experience. For evidence, just look at how the Left in the US has embraced the proposed “Equality Act”, reintroduced in 2023 with near-universal support among Democratic politicians, which literally redefines the word “sex” under federal law to include self-perceived “gender identity”. And their ongoing fight for males to participate in women’s sports similarly requires a wilful denial of the realities of biological sex.

All of this goes far beyond the simple position of advocating for tolerance and acceptance for LGBT people, including individuals who identify as transgender. It amounts to a political war on reality, and that’s not just laughable: it’s deeply concerning.

Brad Polumbo is an independent journalist, YouTuber, and host of the DAMAGE CONTROL podcast dedicated to reclaiming common sense on LGBT issues.