April 4, 2024 - 6:00pm

→ Antifa goes on trial in California

Is Antifa a violent gang? Plenty on the Right have long thought as much, and now a court may be set to agree. A little-reported trial in San Diego could have massive implications for the future of activist groups, after two men were charged for organising a fight under the flag of the far-Left Antifa. The pair could may be prosecuted under a gang-style conspiracy conviction, meaning a potentially much harsher sentence. More than that, Antifa would be legally considered an extremist group.

Some lawyers are fretting about whether this opens the door for those who protest as anti-fascists to be pursued by law enforcement, and whether this hinders free speech. In contrast, prosecutors in the case believe it is important to stop a potentially widespread violent threat from the radical Left. No doubt the Proud Boys will receive the same treatment

→ How much would you pay for a united Ireland?

The world’s least controversial topic is rearing its head again: the prospect of a united Ireland. A new report has just been published suggesting that uniting both regions would cost a whopping €20 billion per year for two decades. Or half as much as Bono pays for Botox.

Much of this comes from the current cost of running Northern Ireland, which the report suggests is roughly €12.3 billion per year. Other costs include scaling up Northern Ireland’s welfare provisions to push it in line with the Republic’s, which is expected to add a few more billions.

Sinn FĂ©in, which is part of a joint power share in the North and is the main opposition in the South, has already come out to dispute the figure, claiming the actual cost would be much lower. Given the UK and Irish governments recently played down the prospect of a united Ireland, both may try and save their money

→ ‘Viva Kennedy’ takes off in America’s Southwest

What does an Irish-American from the Northeast have to sell to Latinos in the Southwest? Quite a lot, it seems. According to a new piece in Politico, Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign is picking up surprisingly high levels of support among Latinos in battleground states such as Arizona and Nevada.

Based on a poll of 2,100 registered Latino voters, Kennedy wins one in five young Latino votes. On top of that, the independent candidate captures 17% of Latino support in Arizona and 21% in Nevada (the highest out of any battleground state polled). “The drag on Biden’s Latino support was so great in the survey,” reports Politico, “that Trump was winning among Hispanics overall in 12 battleground states, 41 percent to Biden’s 34 percent.” Just don’t send Jill Biden to do any outreach