with Giles Fraser

Marina Cantacuzino’s Confessions – Forgiveness, courage and Shamima Begum

Giles Fraser talks to journalist and campaigner Marina Cantacuzino about founding The Forgiveness Project, the power of stories, channelling her anger and losing her brother at a young age.

Alan Rusbridger’s Confessions – Facebook, fearless journalism and failing the 11+

Giles speaks to Alan Rusbridger, former Guardian editor and Principal of Oxford University’s Lady Margaret Hall, about his thrifty family, battling fake news and the fate of journalism.

Marcus Du Sautoy’s Confessions – Machine learning, the multiverse and the magic of music

In the first of Confessions Season 2, Oxford’s Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science, Marcus du Sautoy, talks to Giles Fraser about being terrible at sums, his love of music and whether code will develop consciousness.

Melanie Phillips’s Confessions – Nationalism, self-doubt and falling out with the Guardian

In the last of this season’s Confessions, journalist and life-long provocateur Melanie Phillips joins Giles for a revealing discussion about falling into journalism, rediscovering Judaism and her perennial self-doubt.

Helena Kennedy’s Confessions – Class, justice and Martin Scorsese Catholicism

Giles Fraser talks to distinguished human rights lawyer Helena Kennedy QC about growing up in Glasgow’s tenements, living her faith, gender discrimination, and how the law has failed the working class.


Jacqueline Rose’s Confessions – Israel, motherhood and Marilyn Monroe

Giles Fraser talks to academic and writer Jacqueline Rose about growing up in a family with ghosts, transgenerational trauma, Israel as a moral project and the ferocious pressure of motherhood.

Fiyaz Mughal’s Confessions – Racism, Islamophobia and Saudi’s brutal Islam

Giles Fraser talks to Director of Faith Matters Fiyaz Mughal about founding Tell MAMA, the scale of Islamophobia, and why Saudi Wahhabism has ripped the heart out of Islam.

Claire Fox’s Confessions – Communism, Catholicism and personal sovereignty

Giles Fraser talks to educator and writer Claire Fox about growing up Catholic, life in the Revolutionary Communist Party, her passion to reanimate the public square and why she’s positive about the state of democracy.

Roger Scruton’s Confessions – Faith, family and finding Conservatism

Giles Fraser talks to writer and philosopher Sir Roger Scruton about the importance of faith and family, finding Conservatism, humanity in architecture, and being a class traitor.

Maurice Glasman’s Confessions – Judaism, Brexit, and Blue Labour

Giles Fraser talks to political theorist and Blue Labour founder Lord Glasman about Judaism, Brexit, and why his philosophy was a love letter to his parents.

Salley Vickers’ Confessions – Faith, fiction and A Christmas Carol

Giles Fraser talks to best-selling novelist and poet Salley Vickers about communist camaraderie, finding her faith and great fiction.

Tom Holland’s Confessions – Islam, Christianity and ancient power

Giles Fraser talks to distinguished historian Tom Holland about Islam, rock star Gods, the collapse of ancient empires and being on the side of Pontius Pilate.

Matt Kelly’s Confessions – Hemingway, Liverpool and battling Brexit

Giles Fraser talks to the editor of the New European Matt Kelly about growing up in Liverpool, how journalism was the perfect career and why Hemingway made him a Remainer.

Mary Warnock’s Confessions – Morality, God and #MeToo

Giles Fraser talks to distinguished philosopher Baroness Warnock about morality, being an atheist Anglican and how she dealt with her own #MeToo experience.

Jonathan Haidt’s Confessions – Disgust, Trump and the rise of ‘call out’ culture

Giles Fraser talks to eminent psychologist and ethicist Jonathan Haidt about the ‘wisdom of repugnance’, the importance of belonging and the closing of the American mind.

Philippe Sands’s Confessions – Genocide, the nation state, and feeling Jewish

Giles Fraser talks to distinguished QC Philippe Sands about his family history, crimes against humanity and his fears about Brexit and Trump.