On the subject of Snoop Dogg, it turns out that one of his favourite pastimes isn’t so great for you. According to a new report in the Journal of the American Heart Association, daily marijuana use is tied to a 25% higher risk of heart attack and 42% higher risk of stroke, while weekly use carries a 3% and 5% increase, respectively.

The study found that the trend applied even to marijuana users who didn’t use tobacco products, though it didn’t delve into other overlapping lifestyle factors, such as eating takeout dinners in bed every night.

Marijuana use is growing across the US alongside decriminalisation and legalisation. Even as evidence mounts about its attendant dangers, public concern is declining. The belief among adults that weekly cannabis use posed a great risk fell nearly in half from 2002 to 2019, according to the study. Kids, Nancy Reagan was right: just say no.