No Labels has become something of an electoral bogeyman for the Left, who worry the group will run a spoiler third party candidate against Joe Biden. It’s inspired a number of legal challenges (a “conspiracy”, if you ask Bill Barr) from Democrat-aligned operatives seeking to keep the group from gaining ballot access.

But those fears were all for naught: the group will decide “shortly after Super Tuesday” whether to move forward with putting a presidential candidate on the ballot, per New York Mag. All eyes turn to Nikki Haley, who’s staying in the race until Super Tuesday, when she’s expected to take a clobbering.

The longshot Trump challenger, if she runs third-party, will be blocked from ballots in the eight states with “sore loser” laws. But Haley’s accession to the general election ballot in any state — and No Labels has ballot access in 16 of them — could finally bring some drama to the so-far predictable fight between two incumbents. “Don’t wear them unless you can run in them”, she once said of her five-inch heels. Time will tell if Haley can keep running.