The bosses and bean-counters in Brussels can’t seem to catch a break. After recent criticisms over its alleged movement into online censorship, the EU will be disheartened by a new poll from Euronews and Ipsos which shows that just over half of Europeans disapprove of the bloc’s migration policy. Where 16% of respondents think the Union is doing a good job on border control, a full 51% want stricter rules on who can enter member states.

With 26,000 respondents from 18 EU states and various age groups and professional backgrounds, the poll is a comprehensive survey of how the continent feels about migration. The most critical nation is France with 62% disapproval, not altogether surprising given Emmanuel Macron’s approval of legislation to tighten controls earlier this year. Even in Left-wing and liberal EU groups, such as the Socialists and Democrats, over a third of voters have a negative view of Brussels’s policies. With so much popular support for stricter measures, it’s no surprise that Right-wing parties are projected to storm this year’s European elections.