Former Harvard epidemiologist Dr Martin Kulldorff was fired from the CDC for being too pro-vaccine, then fired from Harvard soon after for not being pro-vaccine enough, he has claimed.

In a new article for City Journal, Kulldorf attacks his former employer for everything that it got wrong during the pandemic: requiring its young student body to vaccinate regardless of infection status, failing to recognise acquired immunity and firing staff (including himself) for refusing the vaccine.

“Most Harvard faculty diligently pursue truth in a wide variety of fields, but Veritas has not been the guiding principle of Harvard leaders. Nor have academic freedom, intellectual curiosity, independence from external forces, or concern for ordinary people guided their decisions,” he wrote.

It’s the latest blow against the Ivy League school, which took another public image hit in January when then-President Claudine Gay resigned. Harvard’s motto “Veritas” is starting to feel painfully ironic.