As Britain trudges towards the ballot box, Keir Starmer is still riding high in the polls. The problem is, you can’t pick and choose from whom you get your support. Such a thought might have passed through the Labour leader’s head when he saw that when Donald Trump’s controversial former strategist Steve Bannon had expressed his admiration this week.

“I’ve always been very impressed with Sir Keir,” the Right-winger said, earning brownie points with traditionalists by referencing Starmer’s title, even though “I’m not a Labour guy by a long shot.” The UK’s governing party were given a slightly rougher assessment by Bannon: “I believe the Tories are essentially where the Republican Party was before Trump, and I think the Tory Party, as you see it today, will essentially collapse at the next election.”

Who did the strategist suggest could lead the Conservatives post-collapse? Nope, not Robert Jenrick but Nigel Farage. Well, stranger things have happened.