Envy the man who can be as unflappable as Coleman Hughes. During an appearance of The View, the cultural commentator was taken to task by several other panellists over his new book, The End of Race Politics. Accused of being a “co-opted” conservative, Hughes deftly addressed the criticisms of his book while sidestepping the ad hominem attacks that came his way.

What was Hughes’s crime? Apparently arguing that America should strive for a colourblind society. “I view this notion of a colourblind society similar to the idea of a peaceful society, which is to say it’s an ideal, it’s a north star,” he said. “The point is not that we’ll never get there or never touch it but we have to know when we’re going forward and when we’re going backwards. We’re going backwards [at the moment].” Outrageous. That will never catch on.