Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Joe Biden’s decision to join TikTok this week might have been criticised by Republicans over potential national security concerns, but perhaps more disappointing for the commander-in-chief is how flat his output has been (see below).


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♬ original sound – Biden-Harris HQ

So far Biden has gained only 137,000 followers which, compared to another veteran politician over the Atlantic, is pretty paltry. Today, Politico ran a story on how Nigel Farage has been “stealing a TikTok march” with his half a million followers on his personal account and boosting support for his party, Reform UK. “With almost 47,000 followers, nearly 600,000 likes and millions of views on their videos,” it writes, “Reform UK is by far the most successful political party on the app in the U.K.” Whether or not Team Biden takes its cue from Farage’s TikTok operation, one thing he should watch out for: make sure your team isn’t liking videos they shouldn’t be