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  • Big technology and internet companies now make up some of the most powerful and wealthy businesses in the world. The technologies they develop and the services they provide have improved the lives of billions, but their power is too often unaccountable and poorly understood. UnHerd’s technology theme will explore tech’s impact and how we can master it as a force for good… and for all.
  • When thinking about whether the owners of these big technology companies deserved their wealth, half of Britons thought they did and around six in ten Americans did.
  • In both countries, we were similarly divided on whether we think big tech companies are “more good than bad” – with four in ten Britons and Americans agreeing with that statement. Americans were slightly less likely to think they were “more bad” at one in five compared to three in ten Britons. Either way, there certainly isn’t an overwhelmingly positive view of the tech giants.

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1,859 American adults and 1,718 Britons were polled by YouGov for, beginning 17 July 2017.

We published the results of the survey’s findings on the news industry last week.