• There is overwhelming consensus amongst both Britons and Americans that actions taken in the wake of the 2008 financial crash have been completely inadequate. A fact that helps explain people’s loss of faith in capitalism and their pessimism about the future.
  • Fewer than one in five Britons think big banks have learned the lessons of the crash, and fewer than one in four Americans think they have. In both countries less than one in twenty believe the banks have learned “a lot”.
  • The number of people who think those responsible for the crash have been appropriately punished is even lower. One in twenty Britons think the level of punishment has been appropriate, while it’s just over one in ten Americans.

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1,859 American adults and 1,718 Britons were polled by YouGov for UnHerd.com, beginning 17 July 2017.

We published the results of the survey’s findings on the news industry last week.