by Ed West
Tuesday, 25
May 2021

A crime wave in the poorest areas shames BLM

The movement is hurting the people it was meant to help
by Ed West
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The mother of all social trends in recent years has been dispersion. Contrary to what people hoped or feared about the sexual revolution turning everyone into “girlymen”, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once put it, some men and women have become more gender-neutral, while many others have gone the other way; either spending vast amounts of time and money on beauty products to accentuate their femininity or hitting the weights (and steroids) to resemble Khal Drogo. Far more men take testosterone supplements – by some distance – than transition or identify as gender fluid.

The same is true with almost every lifestyle trend, even politics; in the late 90s commentators wrote that the major US parties were converging and educated people were coming to develop bland, middle-of-the-road views, yet the opposite has happened. Among those with degrees, people tend to move into niches that are increasingly extreme and divorced from mainstream opinion — which is pretty much what you’d expect from a society with greater freedom and less conformism. (And with assortative mating, our personalities are most likely becoming more divergent and extreme even on a genetic level.)

Crime is another example of dispersion. It is now known that the American murder rate increased sharply following the George Floyd protests, with an extra 2,000 homicides associated with the June 2020 protests, on top of the several thousand already linked with BLM and its influence.

Yet compared to the 1965-1990 US crime wave, this time the murder surge is highly dispersed, with a huge increase in the most dangerous areas but almost no change in the safest.

Wealthy Americans are often accused of “talking the 60s, walking the 50s” and the very nature of dispersion means that they can pretty much talk as much as they like and be immune to the negative consequences.

This is why “defund the police” was the ideal example of what Robert Henderson called luxury beliefs: “ideas and opinions that confer status on the rich at very little cost, while taking a toll on the lower class.”

Urban America is incredibly violent by the standards of the developed world, and any reduction in policing is going to have extreme and terrible consequences, almost all of which will disproportionately fall on the poor and black people. Many of these murders involve seemingly minor disputes over the real issue of status, while in a different universe the debate over race is a dispute over status between white people.

Few political movements in recent years have been more closely associated with such catastrophic consequences for those it claims to represent as BLM. No cause has received such widespread support from above, to such an extent that it’s still plastered across our screens even as we try watch the football.

But that’s the nature of dispersion; people might live in the same city or the same borough, and yet inhabit an entirely different worlds.

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  • Foreseeable consequences are not accidental. Read that again. This crime is not some unfortunate by-product of the current situation; it is a direct cause of it. When criminals are emboldened and cops are treated like an enemy force, what do you think will happen? When public officials decide to eliminate bail or refuse to prosecute certain crimes, what do you think will happen?
    Too often, people want to search for reasons that make sense in order to comfort themselves about bad situations. But none of those reasons make sense here, so you have to start considering explanations that defy the natural order. Did the likes of BLM want more crime? Well, their actions and those of their white “allies” guaranteed the outcomes being seen, so Occam’s Razor would suggest that these folks are getting exactly what they want.

  • I honestly believe the aim of BLM from the get go was to bring identity politics, CRT and anything and everything they could to attack society at large and the perceived myths of tyrannical hierarchies. They are not, and never have been interested in equality. Equality of opportunity across the first world has never been as good as it is and it will continue to improve. What the marxists and anarchists want is equality of outcome in which ill suited and less able people, afforded the same opportunity, are rewarded through colour and gender and not ability and suitability to the role(s) applied for. This will never result in anything but resentment, the dropping of standards and service and the reduction in progress and benchmarks made.
    The redistribution of funds to social services to help people in need is not the answer. The answer is more money being provided to social services and the police. The predominately black areas in the big American cities are no go zones, with black on black murder and crime at an all time high.The local agencies tend to be black run and the police within the precincts have a large black police presence yet, wherever they go, they have become targets of violence and murder. Just look at Portland and California to see what happens when rule and order is overtaken by politics and the good old white liberals who in large parts are to blame for the encouragement of this rascist and violent organisation and continue to be through their generous donations.
    When do you ever hear about Black communities addressing the shocking levels of misogyny, rascism, sexism, crime and murder within their own communities and actually taking responsibility for them? What about the many young black men lacking in positive role models? Social justice? What about the many young black children caught in gang shoot outs? Where are BLM and their cronies when this happens? Nowhere to be seen because inconveniently they can’t blame a white person for the tragedy.
    Having lived in London for many years I have seen the imtimidtaion and racism some elements of the black community dishes out to other cultures that dare challenge some of their cultural norms (especially the level of violence towards women and the misogyny in general). The fact BLM is rascist and bigoted to the core does not surprise me in the slightest, what does surprise me is the millions of black people that don’t agree with BLM, but won’t speak out against them for fear of losing what they perceive to be ground breaking progress of the plights of their communities and being socially ostracised. I actually believe BLM are dividing communities more than ever before and are doing absolutely nothing to promote racial harmony in the slightest.

  • So-called “Black Lives Matter” has been responsible for the destruction of more American Black lives than any other political group over the last year, by several orders of magnitude.

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