Weekly podcast: wealth taxes and the state of feminism

February 8, 2018


This week on UnHerd we have been exploring wealth inequality and the role of wealth taxes. The series kicked off with an audio documentary in which Charlotte Pickles presented her wealth tax manifesto. Alongside that you can read a series of articles arguing both for, and against, wealth taxes.

During the week that celebrated #100years of (some) women gaining the vote, regular UnHerd contributor Victoria Bateman marked the occasion with a column arguing ‘Feminism may have won the vote, but it has lost its way’.

Fittingly, the UnHerd podcast has an all-women line-up. Victoria Bateman, Hannah Peaker, Chief of Staff for the Women’s Equality Party, and Charlotte Pickles, join Ayesha Hazarika for a lively discussion. Tune in to hear why Victoria Bateman was broadcasting naked…


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