These Times Election Special

Nigel’s Rebel Army

June 6, 2024


For the first episode of a new mini-series from These Times, Tom McTague is on the search for Nigel Farage’s rebel army. Reporting from the ground in Great Yarmouth, Tom speaks to the people who are going to shape the election….


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Jimmy Snooks
Jimmy Snooks
17 days ago

Excellent podcast..thanks!

UnHerd Reader
UnHerd Reader
16 days ago

Very interesting podcast but PLEASE work on the sound balance. I was constantly altering the volume throughout.

Dylan Blackhurst
Dylan Blackhurst
15 days ago

Really enjoyed that Podcast. I like Tom’s quiet and non-confrontational delivery. Let people speak. They might talk bollocks, but they deserve the right to voice their frustrations.

Lesley Keay
Lesley Keay
7 days ago

An excellent podcast. Whilst I don’t think Reform are the answer, we do desperately need them and other outliers to get elected. There needs to be a shake-up from the uni-party.