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Labour Landslide: The Brutality of British Elections

July 6, 2024


In this emergency election episode, Tom and Helen reflect on the scale of the Conservative’s defeat and what Labour’s landslide triumph on just 33. 7 percent of the vote means for British politics…


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Prashant Kotak
Prashant Kotak
4 days ago

I really enjoyed the discussion, but I’ve got a bone to pick with UnHerd, because I got an advert which started with a slightly nasal, happy-clappy, “Hello, I’m Rory Stuart…”, and I instantly started feeling nauseous. It took a good ten minutes and a stiff gin and tonic before my stomach calmed down. It’s not very fair that you should spring Rory Stuart on me like that in any context without some warning, so I could get near a WC or a bin in case of an emergency.