Louis-Vincent Gave

Has populism been thwarted in France?

July 8, 2024
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Is the right-wing playing a long game in France? Analyst Louis-Vincent Gave joins UnHerd’s Florence Read to discuss how yesterday’s shock surge against Marine Le Pen could come to benefit the National Rally.


Watch the full interview above.


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J Bryant
J Bryant
3 days ago

Great interview that helped me understand the French election results better than any article I’ve read to date.

Etienne Roulleaux Dugage
Etienne Roulleaux Dugage
11 hours ago

Alas, he is totally right. It is the best analysis of the french situation I have heard to this day.

Anne Geach
Anne Geach
3 hours ago

Excellent interview. Wish the British msm would educate themselves and watch it.

Last edited 3 hours ago by Anne Geach