Dr Steve James: I’m willing to lose my job over vaccine mandates

January 1, 1970
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Over the course of the last two years we have grown all too familiar with the ‘politician tours an NHS hospital’ package on morning television. Usually, the doctors and nurses featured on the segments are echoing the government’s messaging on Covid measures and enthusiastically promoting vaccine uptake.

Last week, however, the Health Secretary got more than he bargained for. While on a tour of King’s College Hospital, Sajid Javid was confronted by consultant anaesthetist Dr Steve James. Dr James made clear his case against vaccine mandates for NHS staff, due to be enforced in April, revealing that he was set to lose his job if they came into effect along with 10% of NHS staff who remain unvaccinated.

Since the video’s release, Dr James has been called an ‘anti-vaxxer’s dream‘ and publicly denounced by high-profile colleagues. But does he have a point? To get a clearer picture, Freddie Sayers spoke to the skeptical doctor himself:


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