by Freddie Sayers
Monday, 2
September 2019

Welcome to The Post

by Freddie Sayers

UnHerd is booming. I don’t know how many online publications have seen their traffic increase nearly *threefold* over the past twelve months, but UnHerd must be one of the fastest growing in the UK. It has become a go-to source of original and fearless thinking – and that’s more needed than ever.

Today, we are launching The Post – in “beta”, which means it’s still a work in progress. Think of it like the UnHerd fast lane. It’s a new space where our editors and contributors can highlight interesting developments in the world of ideas, and share thoughts in a more casual way. We’ll also be doing more video interviews, and experimenting with some new formats.

Why “The Post”? Well, it will consist not of our usual full-length articles but shorter posts; but more importantly, we hope it can become a crucible among key thinkers for the big idea of what comes next. Post-Liberal, post-populist, post-Brexit, post-Trump…

We’re keen to hear your feedback – both on The Post and any thoughts you have for UnHerd. Send us an email on [email protected].

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