by Freddie Sayers
Monday, 2
September 2019

Welcome to The Post

by Freddie Sayers

UnHerd is booming. I don’t know how many online publications have seen their traffic increase nearly *threefold* over the past twelve months, but UnHerd must be one of the fastest growing in the UK. It has become a go-to source of original and fearless thinking – and that’s more needed than ever.

Today, we are launching The Post – in “beta”, which means it’s still a work in progress. Think of it like the UnHerd fast lane. It’s a new space where our editors and contributors can highlight interesting developments in the world of ideas, and share thoughts in a more casual way. We’ll also be doing more video interviews, and experimenting with some new formats.

Why “The Post”? Well, it will consist not of our usual full-length articles but shorter posts; but more importantly, we hope it can become a crucible among key thinkers for the big idea of what comes next. Post-Liberal, post-populist, post-Brexit, post-Trump…

We’re keen to hear your feedback – both on The Post and any thoughts you have for UnHerd. Send us an email on [email protected].

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  • How wonderfully refreshing !!! Intelligent sensitive people who don’t scream “racist” “facist” every five minutes to anyone who thinks differently. Can’t thank you enough !! Almost as good as frank field leading labour. Just thoroughly enjoyed Giles Frasers interview with Susan hill. More power to all your elbows !!! Warren

  • This is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has had more than enough of current mainstream media histrionics and (dare I use the expression?!) fake news.

  • Initial impressions…. why didn’t I find this site earlier? As a Half Brit / Half American I struggled to find thought provoking and interesting topics that weren’t either Far Left or Far Right, and with an intent to ‘convince’ the reader that their point of view was the only decent one. I suppose that’s why I was somehow drawn to this site which seems to have a UK focus. So far I’ve really enjoyed all the articles, and plan on exercising more free thought, instead of subtle indoctrination.

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