by Freddie Sayers
Monday, 2
September 2019

Vernon Bogdanor: it’s not the Government’s fault

Last Friday, constitutional expert Vernon Bogdanor delivered his verdict in an article in the Guardian on the Government’s proroguing of Parliament. He sounded distinctly supportive of the move, and the piece was widely shared among members of the Cabinet and other prominent Brexiteers.

We caught up with him over the weekend at the Big Tent Ideas Festival to see if he stood his ground in the wake of the controversy. Spoiler alert: he does.

He doesn’t think it’s a constitutional crisis and he puts the blame squarely on those MPs who didn’t support the Theresa May’s deal at the time. Punchy stuff.

Following on from Larry Siedentop’s interesting ideas about the constitutional effects of Brexit in his interview with Giles, I also asked Professor Bogdanor whether he thought a new constitution would be necessary in the wake of Brexit. He calls for an American-style ‘Bill of Rights’ to replace the EU charter, and a new settlement on the devolved regions.


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