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Wednesday, 20
May 2020
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UnHerd and the UK new media landscape

Don’t miss The i newspaper’s piece about new media coverage of coronavirus coverage this week. Pointing to the record traffic news websites are seeing since lockdown, Ian Burrell singled out UnHerd for its willingness to “challenge simplistic headlines with nuance and context”:

This pandemic offers us time to be more discriminating in the news sources we turn to and to be less hurried in our consumption of information. UnHerd is a case in point.

UnHerd pieces can run to 2,000 words. A piece by Freddie Sayers on Sweden’s approach to quarantine hedged its bets under the headline “Jury still out on Swedish coronavirus strategy” but still attracted high traffic. Sayers presents Lockdown TV, UnHerd’s YouTube channel, which had 2.2 million views in the past month for lengthy videos including a 36-minute interview with epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, before his recent resignation.

This approach to digital journalism is counter to the notion that only extreme views can generate traffic. “Polemic for me is the last thing that readers want at the moment,” says Chatterton. “They come for the science and a clear-eyed, critical look at these issues.”

- Ian Burrell, The I


  • May 22, 2020
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  • May 20, 2020
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  • May 20, 2020
    Yes, there was a time when I bought The Independent most days, having considered it to be 'my' paper since its inception. Then, around 2002 I realised that it had become entirely bonkers, even more bonkers than The Guardian. I have not bought a newspaper while on British soil since then. Read more

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