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Friday, 29
May 2020

The view from Asia: is test and trace even viable in the UK?

by UnHerd

Test, track and trace, the strategy that the UK is now adopting to combat coronavirus, was developed in Asian countries in response to SARS. It has been used effectively in scenarios with very small levels of infection, but has never been proven in a country like the UK where the virus is already endemic.

Freddie Sayers spoke to Dr Jerome Kim and Professor Ben Cowling, senior experts in South Korea and Hong Kong respectively, to find out.

Have a look at these short clips and make your own mind up…


Dr Jerome Kim, Director General of the International Vaccine Institute in Seoul, South Korea.



Prof Ben Cowling, Head of the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Hong Kong University.



  • June 1, 2020
    Track and trace works at the outbreak of an epidemic but is rapidly overwhelmed as seen in Foot & Mouth as well as Covid19. I don't know how feasible it is at the end, but surely we need new cases to be in the hundreds not thousands for it to have a chance. It doesn't need to be a phone app... Read more

  • May 30, 2020
    Well there will be many like you Fraser so we can't possibly use this system. I never thought we could. I do have a smartphone and personally wouldn't have worried about being traced but so many would feel the way you do (which I have no problem with). It's a waste of time. The virus is fizzling... Read more

  • May 30, 2020
    Correct, how careless of me to forget such largesse. Thank you. Read more

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